Outfoxed: Fox Terriers and Friends

Artwork: Chasing Butterflies by Arthur Wardle (1864–1949). Oil on canvas.

Outfoxed: Fox Terriers and Friends

January 24, 2024 – June 2, 2024

Over the past 150 years, Fox Terriers, both Smooth and Wire, have been among the most popular and versatile breeds; whether on the hunt with the hounds (as their name implies), in the field chasing rabbits, in the barn ratting or, these days, as a delightfully upbeat companion dog.

Of all the breeds represented in the collection of the AKC Museum of the Dog, the Fox Terrier ranks among the highest with just under 100 depictions in paintings, prints, sculpture, and porcelain.  Not just in sheer number, but also in the quality and importance of the dogs portrayed that makes this collection so special. For that reason, the Museum felt it appropriate to mount its first exhibition devoted to a breed since we re-opened in New York.

The exhibition Outfoxed: Fox Terriers and Friends explores the development of the breed, the variety of their jobs, and chronicles the many champions in the collection.

The list of famous Fox Terriers in the show reads like a who’s-who in the history of the breed. Visitors will encounter portrayals of such notables including:

Belgrave Joe, one of the early fathers of the breed

Cackler of Notts, the Duchess of Newcastle’s masterpiece

Caesar, Cackler’s son and Edward VII’s beloved companion

The Totteridge XI, Francis Redmond’s kennel as painted by Arthur Wardle and Maude Earl

Nornay Saddler, considered by many as close to perfection in the breed

And where would they be without a supporting cast featuring their prey: foxes, rabbits and rats, as well as their companions, the Foxhounds? Works showing the breed “on the job” feature prominently, as well. The exhibition is supported by images and documents supplied by the AKC Library and Archives noting Fox Terriers’ show successes and their place in popular culture.

This exhibition is supported in part by the American Fox Terrier Club