Children's Programs & Education

Children’s Programs

There are many ways for children to enjoy the Museum and take part in the fun! From group trips to daily activities, there is always something for our youngest visitors to engage in.


Activities at the Library

Stop by our education center in the Library and Archives for activities and worksheets for families and children of all ages to enjoy! Worksheets include word searches, breed crossword scavenger hunts, drawing guides and more! Show your creativity with our Breed of the Month craft and learn about different breeds of furry friends! From coloring pages to ceramic dog models, there is much inspiration to be drawn from in the Library!    

Furry Sense-ations

With this fun-filled art workshop, children ages 4-5 will use their senses of touch and see to look at art throughout the gallery and craft furry pets of their own. Kids have the opportunity to use their senses to determine characteristics of dogs from artistic representations in the galleries. In a brief walk around the third floor, children will find the dog they think looks especially soft! Using teachable touchables (square textured objects), children will identify which square they think feels soft, rough, and like the dogs they see. Children are then invited back to the library to create their own furry dogs using soft and furry materials to glue onto dog-shaped cutouts! Check the calendar for weekend dates! This program is an additional $3 per child for materials.

Scout Workshops

Service Dogs & Scouts

MOD joins local service dog groups in helping scouts of all ages earn Guide Dog Patches and learn about the impact of dogs and accessibility. The workshop (1 hour) includes a demonstration by a real service dog and informative/skill developing activities including a memory game and guide dog trivia. Scouts will develop communication and team building skills as they navigate through the galleries while blindfolded with a partner to understand the relationship owners have with their service dogs. Taking part in a trivia challenge, scouts will be divided into groups to answer questions based on knowledge they have learned through the activities and demonstrations. At the end of the workshop, scouts will receive their MOD certified Guide Dog Patch. (Modifications for All Scout Levels)

Dog Safety Workshop (Daisies and Brownies)

MOD encourages scouts to be prepared and comfortable with dogs in their community! This workshop incorporates activities that inform scouts about dog behavior based on how they look, so they are knowledgeable and prepared to respond to dogs safely.

Public Programs

Opportunities for Schools (Coming Fall 2019)

Check back here for our brochure coming soon with information about field trips for your school!

Plan a visit for your dog at the AKC CANINE RETREAT!

Out of courtesy to our neighbors, only service dogs and invited demonstration dogs are allowed in the museum.


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Service animals are welcome in the museum. The museum entrance is wheelchair accessible via the building’s main plaza on the corner of Park Ave and E 40th Street. Accessible elevators are located on the first floor of the museum to the left of the admissions desk and gift shop. Public restrooms include accessible facilities.

If you have any questions regarding accessibility, please feel free to contact the museum.

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Photography Policy

Non-flash photography is permitted in the Museum for personal (non commercial) use except where noted. Flash photography, videography and tripods are not permitted in the Museum.