Breed Spotlight: Pekingese

December 27, 2023
Breed Spotlight: Pekingese
12:00 pm

Get to know a dog breed at the AKC Museum of the Dog!

Each month we are highlighting one of the 200 recognized breeds in the American Kennel Club. You’ll learn the history of the breed as well as key characteristics of their anatomy and coat that help them meet the standard. Activities include art-making, stories and books, a collectable breed fact sheet, and an opportunity to meet a live dog.

December’s Breed Spotlight: Pekingese

A Chinese legend says the Pekingese was created by the Buddha, who shrunk a lion down to dog size. A breed so old their origin is lost in history, Pekingese are charming, confident companions who develop a tight bond with their favorite human. Bred to live in palaces, they can be as serenely independent as the emperors who owned them; however, they are always alert making them good watchdogs.

This event is free for Members and included with General Admission.


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