Apokalupsis: An Uncovering

Apokalupsis Mural, 2023

Apokalupsis: An Uncovering

The Art of Joseph Sulkowski

May 9, 2024- August 4, 2024

The Museum is pleased to display the works of Joseph Sulkowski, one of the nation’s preeminent painters of dogs and sporting art in a single artist exhibition. The title Apokalupsis, Greek for an uncovering, refers to the 8 x13 foot magnum opus Joseph has created as the focus for this exhibition. This magnificent painting draws on classic allegorical sources such as the Seven Deadly Sins, the Five Senses, the Four Elements, and the Three Graces and is presented through the perspective of dogs to display our interconnections. In his words, “An allegorical approach seemed to me the most appropriate way to express the story of what I have discovered to be fundamental truths of human existence: all of life is connected; All is One.”

The exhibition of this massive work is supported by a multi-media presentation of 30 plus works by the artist. It will include preparatory studies related to the production of Apokalupsis, as well as significant paintings from Joseph’s 50-year career as an artist. Additionally, the visitor will be treated to a video that explains the genesis and the ideas behind the project.