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The New York Times - All Dogged Up: At the American Kennel Club’s New Museum

March 12, 2019
"First, you notice the fun, high-tech stuff: the digital billboard overhead that shows dogs of different shapes and sizes scampering across the screen. And then the “Find Your Match” kiosk that snaps your picture and shows you which type of purebred dog you most resemble. (Me: a sloughi, a somewhat obscure cousin of the greyhound.) Next, you notice the historical artwork. Visitors are greeted by two paintings considered classics of a genre that most people have never heard of: dog art. One is “Leda,” a 1906 portrait of an English setter by the American artist Percival Leonard Rosseau, who often painted…
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The New York Times - A Museum of Man’s Best Friend, From Fossils to Virtual Reality

February 13, 2019
"Imagine the home of that person you know who loves dogs a little too much: figurines, stuffed animals, artwork that elevates house pets to the realm of saints. Add cutting-edge touch-screen tables and a high-class Park Avenue address, and you more or less have the American Kennel Club’s Museum of the Dog, which recently moved to New York, its original home, after decades in the suburbs of St. Louis. The airy museum, on the lowest floors of a tower near Grand Central Terminal, houses the American Kennel Club’s collection of art, artifacts and everything imaginable related to dogs: a Victorian…
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Out of courtesy to our neighbors, only service dogs and invited demonstration dogs are allowed in the museum.



Service animals are welcome in the museum. The museum entrance is wheelchair accessible via the building’s main plaza on the corner of Park Ave and E 40th Street. Accessible elevators are located on the first floor of the museum to the left of the admissions desk and gift shop. Public restrooms include accessible facilities.

If you have any questions regarding accessibility, please feel free to contact the museum.

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Non-flash photography is permitted in the Museum for personal (non commercial) use except where noted. Flash photography, videography and tripods are not permitted in the Museum.