Current Exhibitions

January 9 - June 30, 2019

Inaugural Exhibition

For the Love of All Things Dog: Highlights from the collections of the American Kennel Club from The AKC Museum of the Dog.

The present exhibition celebrates the return of the AKC Museum of the Dog to New York and its association with the American Kennel Club. Once again, their storied art collections are reunited under one roof.

Leda Percival Leonard Rosseu Gift of Harry T. Peters, Jr.
Silent Sorrow Maud Earl Collection of the American Kennel Club
Highland Tod, Fox Hunter Richard Ansdell Collection of the American Kennel Club
Two Pointers on Point in a Field Maud Earl Gift of Colonel Hanks and Seacroft Kennels
Pug and Terrier John Sargent Noble Collection of the American Kennel Club
Queen Loof Factory Gift of Marie A. Moore
Millie on the South Lawn Christine Merrill Gift of the William Secord Gallery
A Domestic Scene William Henry Hamilton Trood
 Gift of Marie A. Moore
Salukis James Ward Gift of the estate of Cynthia S. Wood
The Two Dogs Sir Edwin Henry Landseer Gift of the estate of Cynthia S. Wood

Founded in 1982 as the Dog Museum of America — American Kennel Club Foundation, it was originally housed in the lobby of the New York Life building where the AKC maintained their offices. In the mid-1980s, having overgrown their premises, it was decided to move the Museum to St. Louis and display its collections in the historic Jarville House. There the collection grew and prospered while new galleries were built.

The American Kennel Club has maintained a collection of art and artifacts since its inception 135 years ago. Compiled over the years through donations by dog lovers and prominent figures in the sport, it is home to over 260 artworks, including masterpieces by artists such as Maud Earl, Percival Rosseau and Richard Ansdell.

This exhibition brings together the best of both collections and demonstrates that, when combined, the two represent one of the largest and highest quality assemblages of canine art in the world.

Permanent Collection

The permanent collection of the museum is one of the finest and largest collections of canine-related fine art and artifacts in the world. It comprises paintings, watercolors, drawings, prints, ceramics and bronzes. Additionally, objects such as trophies, collars and other dog-related works are included in the collection.

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